basta poco

su onegearclothing, grazie ad ale ss9 per la segnalazione.

la grafica non mi piace per niente, ma sono d’accordo col messaggio.

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  • alegiust

    Happiness is…

    If you’ve never put an actual tool on your bike and fought with your chain for 30 minutes, then you might not know what this means. But if you have, is there anything more satisfying than perfect chain tension?? When you find it you better torque down those track nuts!

  • jonas


    hey, can you please give me some more info about “torque down those track nuts” ? after two months of riding a new bike i’ve already got problem with chain tension (on one point it’s too tight, on other too loose). Please let me know, I’m desperate. My e-mail : jonasgruska (at)